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I’m living the dream in my fancy-pants world, and I’ve got the Instagram feed to prove it.

Who am I kidding? I’m literally holding it together with one more cup of coffee,

yesterday’s dry shampoo, and a prayer.

So I finally said enough. Enough of me. I’m bidding farewell to chasing

emptiness and exchanging it for more of Jesus.

Enough of Me is an 8-week Bible study for women focused on what God’s Word has to say about the tug-of-war between our flesh and our mission. The study explores the barriers that stand between where we are today and where God wants to use us to finish His work. 

It’s time to take a deep breath and do some inventory. Let’s figure out ways to quit chasing emptiness and take bold steps of obedience. Let’s discover how we can glorify God and steer people to Jesus in our cubicles, at our dinner tables, in our mom-groups, and with people we encounter every day.


What would happen if we said Enough of Me … more Jesus.

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What readers are saying ...


In her book, Enough of Me, Priscilla Peters connects with what almost every woman, including me, has felt at some point in our lives. We are often filled up on what the world thinks is important, tired from the incessant rat race to grab and get all we can, pulled at every turn to be better and do better yet, we still feel empty inside. Priscilla gives us the key to a fulfilled life by reminding us that true joy and fulfillment comes when we live on God's mission and not our own.  And let me tell you, she doesn't have a boring bone in her body! Priscilla uses her spunk, wit, and realness to connect to each woman in our everyday lives. One minute you will laugh (a lot) and the next you will cry as a point hits home. Priscilla’s honesty with her own journey makes it easy to relate to the struggles we all face as women. She shares her desire to find freedom from the everyday expected life to the blessing of being on God's mission.  When you have had enough of trying it on your own, grab this book and get on God's mission! You will love the freedom it brings!

- Stacey Harness, Real Women Leader, That.Church



Priscilla Peters



Advertising executive.

Blended family survivor.

Seriously inappropriate laugher.


Priscilla has been married to her husband Coby for 13 years, and they have a blended family of six children. Priscilla is the Vice President of Marketing for the largest advertising agency in the transportation industry, and she’s been in the marketing and advertising business for over 20 years.


She speaks often, both in her professional career at industry conferences and trade shows, and at women’s ministry speaking engagements. When Priscilla isn’t at the office working, speaking at events, or writing, she is busy cheering on her Arkansas Razorbacks, chaperoning her daughter at her competitive dance events, and laughing way too loud about pretty much anything and everything. 


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